Four Popular Master’s Degrees You Can Complete Online


Four Popular Master’s Degrees You Can Complete Online

As technology continues to advance and there is increased demand for online educational options, more colleges and universities are adding fully online master’s degrees. What’s more, they’re being offered in incredibly popular – and marketable – fields of study. Below we’ll discuss four popular master’s degree options you can earn online.

Master of Business Administration

Graduate-level business schools offer online MBA programs for in-depth management training. Optimal for students wishing to pursue mid- to upper-level jobs, the principles learned through MBA courses can be applied across a number of fields. Most online MBA programs also offer customized concentrations, such as finance, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, marketing and more. These programs may take anywhere from one to three years to complete online.

Master of Arts or Master of Science in Psychology

Understanding human behavior is important in many industries, so advanced degrees in psychology have proven popular for many years. Online Master of Psychology students are trained on empirical-based theories and can often choose a particular concentration, such as school counseling or forensic psychology.

Master of Accountancy

Working accountants wishing to gain the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) distinction can fulfill the requirements in a graduate level online program. These online Master of Accountancy programs are designed to help accountants further specialized knowledge in areas like taxation, auditing, or corporate accounting. These programs often only take one or two years to complete online.

Master of Education

In many states, teachers are mandated by law to further their education at the master’s level. These online programs are generally designed so that licensed, working teachers can still carry out all their classroom duties while enrolled, and they elaborate on pedagogical theories to prepare teachers for eventual leadership roles. Teachers can also choose specialties as part of online Master of Education programs. Popular options include special education and educational technology.

These four master’s degrees are just a few of the popular options available online today. They are widely offered, but always be sure a program is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education before enrolling.

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